Show Video


'show video <video_id> <mode> [with [properties]]'

The video action allows you to show videos on your novel in different modes.

Action ID: Video

Reversible: Yes

Requires User Interaction: No, unless the close property is not given, then the user will have to click once the video is over to advance.



The following is a comprehensive list of the properties available for you to modify certain behaviors of the video action.

Assets Declarations

To play a video, you must first add the file to your assets/video/ directory and then declare it. To do so, Monogatari has an has a function that will let you declare all kinds of assets for your game.

Monogatari.assets ('videos', {
    '<video_id>': 'videoFileName'

Supported Formats

Each browser has it's own format compatibility. MP4 however is the format supported by most browsers.

If you wish to use other formats, you can check a compatibility table to discover what browsers will be able to play it.


Monogatari.script ({
    'Start': [
        'show video flowerTimelapse modal'

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