Show Character

Show a character's sprite


'show character <character_id> <sprite_id> [at [class]] [with [animations] [classes] [properties]]'

The character action allows you to display a character's sprite. For other kind of images, take a look at the show image action.

Action ID: Show::Character

Reversible: Yes

Requires User Interaction: No


These are special properties/classes that can be used when showing a character:




Duration affects the animation-duration CSS property so you can change the duration of any animations applied to the character.


With this class, the character will move nicely from one position to another one.


Transition affects the transition-duration CSS property so you can change the duration of the transition for the move class.


When using this property, the provided class will be added to the sprite when it gets changed.


Remember every character image must be declared in the characters object.

'show character e normal at center with fadeIn',

The animation is completely optional, and if a position is not given, it will show in the center by default.

'show character e normal',
'show character e normal with fadeIn',

Exit Animations

New to version 2.0: You can now also set an animation that will play when the character is removed or replaced.

show character <character_id> <sprite_id> [at [class]] [with [animation] [end-[animation]] [classes]]


This is useful if you want to smoothly transition the same character's sprites, such as this example involving crossfades.

The following code will show the character with a fadeIn animation that will take 20 seconds to complete.

	"show character s Normal at center with fadeIn end-fadeOut",
	"s Hi theeeeere.",
	"show character s Happy at center with fadeIn end-fadeOut",
	"I'm happy now, and my smile just faded onto my face.",
	"show character s Normal at center with fadeIn",
'show character e normal with fadeIn duration 20s'

End Animations

End animations are a way of preparing an animation to happen whenever a sprite gets changed, the following code will show the character first and when it reaches the next line, the character will fade out while the new sprite fades in.

'show character e normal with end-fadeOut',
'show character e happy with fadeIn'

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