Monogatari Visual Novel Engine Documentation


While this documentation covers many parts of Monogatari's functioning, it does not cover everything you could actually do with it. Remember, your VN is a website now and that means the possibilities are endless. Everything you've seen on a website before can be done in your game.

But how to look out for help on doing this things? Well, another benefit of your game being a website is: There is lots and lots of tutorials and documentation out there!

If you google something, for example if you want something to happen when someone clicks an image, you can google it as "JavaScript click image", there's no need to look for a Monogatari-specific answer. Everything that applies to a website also applies for Monogatari, even the step-by-step tutorials on web development are useful to get you started.

Of course, you are not alone! If you have any doubt, problem or just want some help please reach out!

Where to Ask Questions

The best place to ask questions is the Community Forums, where there is a good community and you can receive help from people making games just like you! You can also find us on the Discord Server, if you prefer something a little more immediate.

If you have some other doubts or prefer other type of communication, you can contact me on Mastodon or via email which you can find in my website.

If you want to report bugs or request new features, then please report them on the GitHub repository.

You can also check the FAQ to see if any of your questions have been answered there.


If you like Monogatari and would like to support it, becoming an sponsor is the best way to do it. There are a lot of ways of donating or sponsoring the project. You'll find them out in the website. Sponsors can also get benefits depending on their tier like hosting for their games.

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