This release comes with quite some bug fixes!

Download: https://datadyne.perfectdark.space/monogatari/releases/Monogatari-v2.0.0.alpha.5.zip

Change Log

New Features

  • Belarusian and Korean languages have been added

Bug Fixes

  • ForceAspectRatio flag would not resize the game and its elements correctly

  • Characters keeping the classes between show statements caused some unexpected behaviors

  • Dialog log placeholder would not be removed after logging the first dialog on it

  • Global audio stop statement was not working correctly and it wouldn't stop the media

  • Main menu music would not be played

  • Text speed setting was not working and speed remained the same if changed

  • Removing a listener would not remove the keyboard shortcut

Other Changes

  • Action ids are now case insensitive

  • Monogatari now holds a global configuration and components should use that instead of keeping one internally

  • Main and Quick menus now use the render function as all the other components to create and show their buttons

  • The main.js file now includes a few words on where code should be placed

  • New errors have been added to provide more feedback to developers on common mistakes

  • The quick-menu element is now being hidden on the splash screen by placing a splash-screen class on it

  • String interpolation has been optimized so it is done only once while trying to find a matching action for the statement

Update Guide

This guide only applies for games that were written using the 2.0.0.alpha.3 version or above.

To update your game, all you need is copying the contents inside the engine/core directory from the new release to the one you are using.

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