This release comes with various bug fixes and some new features!

Download: https://datadyne.perfectdark.space/monogatari/releases/Monogatari-v2.0.0.alpha.4.zip

Change Log

New Features

  • Choices now have a `Clickable` property, allowing you to disable any choice while still showing it. More information about this property is available at the Choices documentation.

  • It is now possible to define a class for the choices container from the Choice object. More information about this is available at the Choices documentation.

  • Russian language is now available as a translation for the UI.

  • The image gallery has been restored and is working again.

  • A show background action has been added that acts the same as scene, but without removing any game elements.

Bug Fixes

  • Using named colors (black ,white, etc.) to show scenes would not work and the background color would not be changed.

  • Choices would not be shown correctly when using a normal dialog while on NVL mode or the other way around.

  • Clearing the text box would remove the nvl class from it, causing some flickering and undesired behaviors.

  • Save slots would not display correctly a non-image background.

  • A library was missing from the Canvas action implementation, preventing its functioning.

  • The spacing between the titles on audio settings has been fixed

Other Changes

  • All core components functionality has been moved to the Pandora library.

  • Dependencies have been updated

Update Guide

This guide only applies for games that were written using the 2.0.0.alpha.3 version.

To update your game, all you need is copying the contents inside the engine/core directory from the new release to the one you are using.

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