Please read the update guide for this release if you're updating your game from a previous iteration of Monogatari v2 as there's a small but really important change you need to make.
This one will the last of the alpha releases and we'll start going through the beta series from now on as things have finally stabilized enough. This release has several bug fixes to improve compatibility with save files made with the v1.4.1 release or older.
This one is also the first release that has been officially released as a npm package. It has been released as an UMD module, therefore it's possible to use it either on a browser as a global library, using es6 modules or nodejs modules.

<script src='./monogatari.js'></script>
const monogatari = Monogatari.default;

import Monogatari from '@monogatari/core';

const Monogatari = require ('@monogatari/core');

  • Storage variable interpolation can now be used on the input modal message and choice buttons text
  • Arabic language has been added as an UI translation
  • The core translation () function can now return a translation object given the name
  • Text input will now be focused automatically right after showing up

  • Audio media was not playing because of a bug introduced when the directory names where pluralized
  • The volume property on the play action was not implemented and adding a volume had no effect on the volume of the media being played
  • Components with an empty text prop would render it as true instead of showing blank
  • An error would show some times if a component had multiple spaces on its class property
  • Character history from save files with an old format was not being transformed to the new format and made an error occur when trying to load it
  • Character history files src property was not being changed to use the assets directory instead of the old ones and caused the files not to load correctly

  • Dependencies have been updated to their latest version
  • Small improvements on text box styling
  • Electron related functionality has been updated to match latest version (7.x.x)

This guide only applies for games that were written using the 2.0.0.alpha.3 version or above.
On the options.js file, almost at the beginning of the file you should find this line:
const { Monogatari: monogatari } = Monogatari;
Replace it with this:
const monogatari = Monogatari.default;
Finally, as always, just copy the contents inside the engine/core/ directory from the new release to the one you are using.
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