Show Notification

Show a notification to the player


'show notification <notification_id> [time]'

The notification action let's you show a notification to the player. Notifications can be useful for letting them know about a certain event, or even achievement unlock.

Action ID: Notification

Reversible: Yes

Requires User Interaction: If no time was provided, the player will need to dismiss the notification but the game will not be interrupted.



To show a notification, you must first declare it with all of it's characteristics. To do so, the notification action has a configuration function where you can define your id or name for each notification and their respective information.

Monogatari.action ('Notification').notifications ({
    '<notification_id>': {
        title: '',
        body: '',
        icon: ''



Simple Notification

The following script will show a notification that the player will have to manually dismiss.

Monogatari.script ({
    'Start': [
        'show notification SampleNotification',

Timed Notification

The following script will make the notification go away automatically after 5 seconds have elapsed. Remember this action receives the time in milliseconds so we'll use 5000 to dismiss it after the 5 seconds

Monogatari.script ({
    'Start': [
        'show notification SampleNotification 5000',

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