Translate Monogatari to other languages!


Apart from translating the game contents, Monogatari's UI can also be translated to multiple languages. If you are someone who knows a language different from English, your help on translating the project is more than welcome!

Getting started

The file containing all the translations is found at js/strings.js. In it, you'll find multiple JSON objects describing the translations for each string on its own language.

"English": {
"AdvanceHelp": "To advance through the game, press the space key or click.",
"Audio": "Audio",
"AutoPlay": "Auto",
"AutoPlaySpeed": "Autoplay Speed",
"Back": "Back",
"BackButton": "Back.",
"Cancel": "Cancel",
"Close": "Close",
"Confirm": "Do you want to quit?",
"FullScreen": "Full Screen",
"Help": "Help",
"Hide": "Hide",
"HideButton": "Hide Text.",
"iOSAudioWarning": "Audio settings are not supported on iOS.",
"Language": "Language",
"Load": "Load",
"LoadAutoSaveSlots": "Auto Saved Games",
"LoadButton": "Open the Load Screen.",
"Loading": "Loading",
"LoadingMessage": "Wait while the assets are loaded.",
"LoadSlots": "Saved Games",
"LocalStorageWarning": "Local Storage is not available in this browser.",
"Music": "Music Volume",
"NoSavedGames": "No saved games.",
"NoAutoSavedGames": "No automatically saved games.",
"Overwrite": "Overwrite",
"QuickButtons": "Quick Menu Buttons",
"Quit": "Quit",
"QuitButton": "Quit Game.",
"Resolution": "Resolution",
"Save": "Save",
"SaveButon": "Open the Save Screen.",
"SaveInSlot": "Save in slot",
"Settings": "Settings",
"SettingsButton": "Open the Settings Screen.",
"Show": "Show",
"SlotDeletion": "Are you sure you want to delete this slot?",
"SlotOverwrite": "Are you sure you want to overwrite this slot?",
"Sound": "Sound Volume",
"Start": "Start",
"Stop": "Stop",
"TextSpeed": "Text Speed",
"Voice": "Voice Volume",
"Windowed": "Windowed"

To add a new language, simply copy one of these blocks and add your own translations!