This releases fixes some bugs with the image gallery and credits screen as well as with the flow of the game.

Download: https://datadyne.perfectdark.space/monogatari/releases/Monogatari-v2.0.0.alpha.6.zip

Change Log

New Features

  • A new block has been added to prevent the game from continuing / backtracking when an action is still pending

Bug Fixes

  • Image Gallery would not be updated automatically when locking/unlocking an image and thus the player needed to refresh the page to see the changes

  • The credits screen used previous functionality that had been removed, it has now been updated and works again

Other Changes

  • Dependencies have been updated to their latest version

Update Guide

This guide only applies for games that were written using the 2.0.0.alpha.3 version or above.

To update your game, all you need is copying the contents inside the engine/core directory from the new release to the one you are using.

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